Welcome back

Today is the 24th of October, 2010. It’s been a year since my last post. I took a break to refocus why I put anything out for public consumption. Last year, I feared that my motivation for blogging was to elevate my own status through making my thoughts known through a blog. Yet, I found myself writing for that purpose and that purpose alone.

So, I took an unannounced year off. Now I’m back with a fresh perspective to share for sharing’s sake, for my own therapeutic reasons and to serve others through a social media mindset.

I certainly don’t have a fresh perspective on doing church or ministering to those who frequent
Our church doors. I don’t want to or plan to compete with the wealth of amazing resources and collective experience in ministry out in cyberspace.

Yet, in some small way, I might be able to help someone who is dealing with what I’m dealing with- experiencing what I’m experiencing- facing the challenges I am meeting- or celebrating the victories I am enjoying.


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