And The City Was Burning.

Lamentations- is so aptly named…

The lamenting of a people; “My eyes are spent with weeping…” A city lying in ruins, the gates destroyed, the walls barely standing, few are left in the city and those who are scrounge for food- they faint in the streets, overcome by hunger and weakness. There is no safety in the city of Jerusalem in the kingdom of Judah. Women are raped with the sun beating down on them. Mourning is a way of life. Murder is as common in the streets as it is in the hidden back roads of the countryside- so much so that the simple act of gathering ingredients for bread is a life-threatening activity. The people of Israel were surrounded by foreign and enemy powers and they were the slaves of slaves, yet in chapter 3, starting in verse 22, the lamentable tone chnges for twenty verses.

These 20 verses speak of the faithfulness of God, the hope we can have in Him, His goodness, the virtues of patiently waiting upon Him in silence and solitude, His compassion and love, His desire to discipline those He loves, his protection and power and finally a public call to repentance.

This should be our pattern and hopefully it is- screw up, receive discipline, recognize the worth of discipline and God’s faithfulness through it and fully repent. It would be nice to take it a step further ad say that the sin was never again revisited, but that is difficult to do at times.

Lord, I want to say that I was as faithful to you as you were to me at the end of my life. Though I know that is unattainable, I still desire to strive after it.


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