Fear Stunts our Growth

I’m tired- feel like I go good sleep last night though, better than the last several nights. Cami is a bit fussy, that is to be expected for a newborn though, right?
While contemplating my sleepiness, I was thinking about helping to lead the Saturday night congregation into worship with YC2, our Saturday crew, this past week. I haven’t led worship in so long- the last time I both sang and played my guitar was over eight years ago. Yet, leading worship has been close to the surface of what I feel called to do. I have had to literally ignore it for these last many years. I have no good reason or excuse for this…other than fear.
I was sitting in a service several months ago and during the worship set I began to pray-

“Lord, am I doing all that you want me to be doing here at YC?”

There was no response, yet in the following weeks as I continued to ask that question of the Lord I felt my heart open to the possibility of leading worship and it got stronger and stronger.
I have an acoustic guitar that my wife bought me nine years ago as her wedding gift to me and it has set about each of our living spaces gathering dust for most of those years. After a Sunday morning worship set, I was chatting with one of our guitarists who also makes his own amps. As we conversed I heard a still-small voice say, “ask him for an amp.” So, I asked Jimmy if he had an amp that I could borrow or buy. To which he said, “no, I don’t. But I have one you can have.” He ended up giving me my first electric guitar as well.

Last Saturday was my second service helping to lead the congregation in worship and I was so incredibly, completely and fully filled with blessing and joy because of it. I praise God for His love! His love of our ability to use what He has given for His glory! Beautiful.

There are testimonies out there of God’s providence and love that I would love to hear. What is yours?


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