Space Available?

I have such a thirst for learning about what it is to worship God. I want to play music all the time. I can’t wait for the next time to rest my guitar on my lap or over my shoulder. The latest issue of Worship Leader Mag has on the cover, a saying that struck me- I’ve heard it before, but to hear it again at this moment in life is much more poignant. It says, “Worship at all times, when necessary use music.” I love that.
I want to cry with joy when I hear a beautiful expression of worship through song. Yet, there is so much space for worship outside of music.
I’m currently sitting in a national chain coffeehouse (I wish we had a decent local shop around here. I’d much rather support local- a bit off-point, I know) reading the classic, Exploring Worship by Bob Sorge and listening to Chris Quilala of Jesus Culture sing “Obsession” and I am overrun with the worship of my Lord. Tears well up as people stream through the doors to get their coffee.
How amazing is that? I can sit here in silence and my heart worships God Almighty while cappuccinos are being made.
Like prayer, I want to be in a constant state of worship- never ceasing.
So much of my week is filled with the technical aspects of how we make worship possible that I forget that it is right and good for me to stop and worship Him- the one who made it all possible, the one who is worthy of my worship.

When & where do you make the space to praise Him? Can you worship without ceasing?


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  1. I feel the same way about the coffee place. We are however, stuck with Four Bucks. I like to dance (no one will ever, EVER see) for J.C.


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