Depressed Worship

How do worship leaders open the door to the Spirit for a congregation when they are fighting just to reach the doorknob?


It seems simple, yet- calling upon the power of the name of Jesus has been my only true support in times of need. This last Sunday was no exception. As I prepared to lead 800 souls to the throne of God in sincere worship I struggled with the weight of angry spirits in the form of depression, fear and confusion. After our pre-service warm-up I labored off stage asking God for His grace and mercy and guidance. I heard an immediate reply…, “go to the prayer room.” Without hesitation, I went straight there, opened the door and flopped down in a heap before a semi-startled prayer team member. I did not exchange pleasantries, but instead blurted out, “I need you to pray for me.”

She did.

Oh, did she ever.

She called upon the power of Jesus’ name, drew bloodlines in the sand, denounced the evil that pushed down on my heart and mind and claimed the truth of victory over me. I agreed with everything she said. And… I stepped onto the stage to pray with the musicians and vocalists with joy and confidence.

And then, we worshipped God.


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