Car + accident = perspective

The light was green as we rolled through the intersection. All I saw was a green-blue blur approaching from the right. I had enough time to yell and tense as the car slammed into the front right tire and quarter-panel, just in front of where my wife sat. Camilynn, my one-year-old daughter sat in her carseat just behind Liz.

Selfishly, when the carnage quickly settled my first thought was, “dangit. Our brand-new car…” then I snapped into proper perspective and thought of my wife and then my daughter. Liz jokingly said, “well, the airbags work.” She was fine, just smacked around. Cami didn’t make a sound… Just sat contentedly in her seat.

An ambulance was in traffic and just pulled out and came to our aide. Police showed up and a meter-maid was witness to the red light that the elderly gentleman did not see just before he ran into us.

So, it could have been much worse. It could have radically changed the lives of all involved in an instant. I have been awash in the emotional and spiritual gravity of that possibility the last two days and my journey regarding perspective continues as God helps me to see glimpses of His view of us. My view of me and my situation and my success and my plans are infinitesimally small as compared to God’s view of all creation an the universe- yet, he has a plan for me and for you. So much so that it is imperative that we maintain at least a glimpse of God’s perspective.


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