Thank You! 5 YEARS!

I am so very fortunate to have had so many fine Godly examples of pastoral leadership in my life. Currently, I count no less than seven men who pour into my life and ministry on a regular basis. They shape my ministry and my heart for those whom God has entrusted to my care. I can honestly say my heart has grown immensely for the people I have had the opportunity to worship God with in just a few short years.

Today marks my 5th year of sharing life with so many at Yosemite Church as their worship arts pastor.

Thank you to the many who have mentored me as I have stumbled through leadership and growth over these past few years. Pastor Jeff Leis, Dr. Tino Ballesteros, Pastor Dan Horst, my uncle- Pastor Norm Aycock, Pastor Rick Muchow, my grandfather- Pastor Dale Aycock, and of course, my father- Pastor Steve Shumaker. I certainly cannot leave out my amazing wife Liz and crazy beautiful three kiddos who tolerate my long hours and sometimes poor attitude… 😦

Finally, thank you to my teams- my fellow leaders and worshipers of God and absolutely creative geniuses! I love you all more and more each week!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!


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