Pastor Dale Aycock- My Grandfather- A Great Man

Pastor Dale Aycock- My Grandfather- A Great Man

As I write this, my grandfather is on his way to see Jesus. I love this man- he is a giant of faith in my mind. He is larger than life and it is so strange to know that he is now so weak and so close to the end of his earthly life.

I said my goodbyes, but that does not make the loss of the presence of such a man as wonderful as my grandfather any easier. Though we have known it is coming, I am sad and heartbroken.



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  1. He was a great, Godly man and a dear friend and mentor to many including Ken and I. Your grandparents have been an amazing example of servant leadership and I thank God for allowing us to be blessed by their lives. Praying for all of you. Love you, sweetheart,


    • I read this again on 10/4/13: Matt your grandfather has to look down on you and be so proud…how blessed you are that you had him in your life until you became an adult and you have your father whom I know you have conversations with and get advice. I think of these two Christian giants and see many things that I know they have taught you and you “are now listening.” I have seen such Christian growth in you as a Christian, ministery, husband, father and friend. We are so blessed at YC to have you, Liz and your beautfiul children and grandpa and your parents are very happy with what you are becoming. Love you very much, Faye Beasley


  2. Matthew…what a great picture of Grandpa and our family. Memories flood my mind as I sit and ponder the many wonderful vacations in our favorite place that this picture brings to mind. Grandpa is one of the main reasons we have these great memories! We have so much to be thankful for to have a wonderful legacy Grandpa passed down of loving Jesus and sharing that love with the world! I love you SO much Matthew….MOM


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