I got stood-up


I generally don’t like being stood-up, but I’m a pretty easy-going guy and I get over it.

It’s harder though, to get over being stood-up by a friend. Let’s call this friend “Lenny”. Lenny has, oh, let’s say, reddish hair.

When Lenny didn’t show up for our regularly-scheduled meeting time it throws into question all kinds of things. Practical things like, “did Lenny forget?” “did I forget to confirm with Lenny?” “Is Lenny ok?” “Is Lenny asleep or writhing in pain in a ditch somewhere?”

And then, there are the impractical thoughts- the “stinkin-thinkin”, “Did I say or do something to offend Lenny?” “Does Lenny not like me anymore?” “Has Lenny found a better friend?”

It’s always best to just be immediate and contact your Lenny and find out how things are going. And no, this did not happen to me at Starbucks this morning…

maybe it did.

I still love you Ken…. er, I mean Lenny. I should have confirmed… even though we have met every Wednesday morning for the last three months. 🙂


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